About 24 to Watch in 2024:

We've held off for many years on putting together any kind of recognition event, as we wanted to make sure we did something meaningful and it didn't end up being a popularity contest.

The point of this recognition initiative is to recognize anyone working within the virtual reality and healthcare industry that is making a significant contribution, is developing something very unique or has done something out of the ordinary that deserves recognition.

This could be the CEO of a startup, or it could be a researcher within a university. It could be a sales person that has made all the difference in your organization, or a human resources person that has found you top notch talent that has made all the difference.

It could be an engineer or designer that has had significance impact on your product. The point is to think out of the box here, and perhaps nominate someone who is not necessarily in the limelight every day.

If you have more questions about this initiative, please refer to the FAQ farther below.

Nomination Form

24 in 2024 Nomination

About The Person You Are Nominating:

The nominee's phone number is not required, but may make it easier to contact them if necessary, and they're not responding to email.
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In less than 750 words, please describe in detail why you are nominating this person. Try to be as specific as possible why we should keep an eye on them in 2024.

About you, the person making the nomination:

It's not necessary for you to fill this information out, but if we have questions or need more information, without it, we'll have no way to reach you. Also, the person you nominated may ask us who made the nomination.


Q. Is there a cost to submit a nomination?

A. There is no cost involved at all to nominate someone.

Q. How will the nominations be judged?

A. We're in the process of putting together a group of highly respected individuals within the industry to help us review and narrow down all the submissions to (24) for 2024.

Q. What is the deadline for submitting a nomination?

A. The deadline is 11:59pm PST on December 22, 2023.

Q. When will the chosen (24) be announced?

A. We're aiming to announce the (24) individuals before the end of the calendar year, but it could also be the first week of January.

Q. Can I nominate myself?

A. Yes, you may nominate yourself. We understand that sometimes you have to be your own champion.

Q. Can I nominate my company or someone else's company?

A. No. The intent here is to recognize individuals and not organizations. You may nominate the CEO, President or leader of an organization.

Q. Does the person I nominate have to be from a startup?

A. No. They could work at a university, a research organization, a government agency, a non-profit, etc.

Q. Are nominations restricted to U.S. citizens only.

A. No, anyone in the world may be nominated.

Contact Information

If you have questions about tickets, sponsorship or anything else related to the event, please feel free to email us at support@ivrha.org or call us at +1-202-684-6207.

The International Virtual Reality and Healthcare Association (IVRHA) is a member driven organization comprised of entities throughout the healthcare ecosystem, including technology companies, teaching hospitals and universities, as well as healthcare providers and insurance companies. IVRHA’s mission is to facilitate and support the growth of the virtual reality in health and life sciences. Visit: https://ivrha.org/

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